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All Natural

Fibers: Our garments are crafted using hemp, a sustainable and environmentally friendly fabric.

Dyes and Accessories: We use eco-friendly dyes and natural materials for buttons and elastics, ensuring every component of our clothing is kind to the planet.

Clothing that is


Longevity: Designed for durability and timeless appeal, our clothes (some reversible) are made to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

End of life: When your heart is fulfilled with a particular piece, we encourage you to pass it on or donate it, thereby extending its life.

Should the time come when your SA-ZA garment reaches the end of its wearable life, our 100% hemp garments can be composted. In a composting environment, these garments will decompose, enriching the soil and marking the completion of their natural lifecycle.

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Ethical Approach : We uphold ethical and fair-trade practices across all manufacturing processes. This commitment extends to ensuring fair wages and respectful treatment for all individuals involved in crafting our garments.